About Us

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East Heaven Hot Tubs (established in 1981) provides the western New England region with the most exquisite hot tub experience to be found. In the Japanese tradition, our private tub rooms are crafted of the finest woods, both indoors and outdoors.

Enjoy a luxurious soak with the music of your choice when you tub indoors, or listen to the sounds of nature when you soak under the sky in one of our famous outdoor tubs. All of our Jacuzzi-jetted tubs are available in your choice of teak or fiberglass. For your comfort and convenience we provide towels, soap, and hair dryers.

Our 104-degree water is always so pure that you feel like you are in heaven. We use bromine, ozone gas and silver catalytic purifiers for the ultimate in comfort with the minimum of chemical purification, to keep you and the Board of Health happy and proud to claim us as one of the finest relaxation facilities.