How clean is your water?

Every tub is drained and refilled with pure, filtered water every 12 minutes. We use a state-of-the-art computer purification system to monitor water quality millisecond by millisecond and make adjustments to both the pH and disinfectant levels. Bromine is used, rather than chlorine and it is much more gentle on your skin and hair. We use non-chemical purification in the form of corona discharge ozone generators. Our water is always crystal clear and pure enough to drink.

What type of laundry detergent do you use?

We use fragrance free and dye free laundry products.

Do we need to bring anything in with us?

We provide you with towels, soap, shampoo, and combs and hair dryers. Guests receiving spa treatments are given bathrobes and slippers to wear from the hot tub room into the spa. There is plenty of water and juice available, or you can bring your own, as long as it is kept in a plastic container. We recommend drinking water throughout your tub time, and before and after your massage. We do not allow food, alcohol, glass containers, bubble bath, incense or candles.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require a 6 hour cancellation time for all tub and massage reservations. For all tub reservations on Friday and Saturday after 6pm, we ask that you call to cancel or change your reservation by 6pm. You will need a credit card to hold the reservation when you call, but you are welcome to pay however you like when you arrive. We do not charge the credit card unless you do not show up for your reservation, or give us 6 hours notice. Please note that we are open late for cancellations of appointments before 3pm the following day.

Do we have to wear bathing suits in the tubs?

All of our hot tub rooms are private, so clothing is optional. You have complete privacy once you are in the room, but not from each other. You may want to change into your bathing suit in our rest room before we bring you to your tub.

Will my gift certificate expire?

None of our gift certificate ever expire, although we do put a date on the back so that we know when the gift certificate was sold. Some of our gift certificates have restrictions on them, so please read it carefully before making a reservation. Gifts

I lost my gift certificate, can I still use it?

Unfortunately, we can not re-issue lost gift certificates.

Do you sell hot tubs?

Yes, we sell, and install custom Marquis Spas for your home. We can design and build anything you like including wooden tubs, patios, decks, fiberglass or acrylic spas, and saunas. If you are interested in a consultation about your own hot tub, please call our front desk at 413-587-0000. Hot Tub Sales

How hot is the water?

Our water stays at a temperature of 104 degrees.

Do I really get a ½ hour free tub on my birthday?

Yes! You can tub either indoors or outdoors, and you must show us your ID. The person who comes to tub with you must pay the regular one person price.

What are the benefits of hydrotherapy?

Hot and cold water has been used for centuries for health and beauty. Benefits from regular use of hot tubs are lowered blood pressure, stress and tension relief, increased circulation. Many people claim Arthritis relief due to the increased circulation. Please remember to ask your physician if hot tub usage is right for you.

What are the benefits of massage?

Massage and bodywork help the body in various ways, our favorite reasons to receive regular massage are: stress relief, relaxation, improved circulation and mobility, addressing issues of chronic pain, and increased energy. We can answer your specific questions about massage and it’s benefits for you.

Why can’t I bring alcohol?

Hot tubs lower your blood pressure  and act as a vasodilator, alcohol also lowers your blood pressure and impairs judgment. It is very dangerous, and also illegal to drink and take a hot tub. Mixing the two may result in fainting,  loss of consciousness possibly resulting in injury or death. We promote wellness and health, so we prohibit alcohol in the building, and drinking before you take a hot tub.

My gift certificate has restrictions, when can I use it?

Some of our gift certificates or coupons may have restrictions regarding the time or day you can redeem them. Please read it carefully to be sure you have read all restrictions before making your reservations. Gift certificates are never restricted during the weekdays, unless it is a holiday.

I’m coming in for a couples tub and massage. How long should I expect to be there?

We ask that you arrive just a few minutes early for your reservation. We book all couples packages with 15 minutes in between the tub and massage for you to relax and get water. If your tub is for ½ an hour, and your massage is for 1 hour, please plan to be here for at least 2 hours.  Spa Packages

If I am pregnant is it safe for me to use the hot tubs, or receive a massage?

It is always best to check with your physician before using the hot tubs or receiving massage if you are pregnant.  Generally, massage is helpful, but hot tubs are discouraged. We do have massage therapists who are certified to give pregnancy massage, and it can be very relaxing and therapeutic for the mother-to-be! But please, check with your doctor first.

Where should I park?

We do not have a designated parking lot, but you can find parking at the metered spaces on the street, or in the evening, across the street in the Smith college parking garage. Parking meters run Monday-Saturday from 8 am- 6pm. Sunday and most holidays are free.