As a business focused on wellness, we are always committed to providing our guests and staff with a safe, clean environment. We’ve taken some time to rethink our usual practices and can now offer a new and adjusted standard of health and cleanliness.
Please read through the following before booking your appointment. Guests who do not comply with our safety protocols will be turned away.


All guests and staff must wear protective covering over their nose and mouths while inside the building. For massage therapy and bodywork you and your massage therapist are required to keep your masks fully on during your entire service.
If you are traveling from outside of Massachusetts, please note that we have travel restrictions for all Massage Therapy appointments. You will need to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result that has been administered up to 72-hours prior to your arrival in Massachusetts, or proof that you have been fully vaccinated for more than 14 days and do not present any symptoms. If you do not have either of these, we will not be able to offer you any Massage Therapy services.
Guest Screening
You will need to fill out a safety form prior to your appointment. The form can be filled out electronically, using the link at the bottom of your confirmation email. This includes questions about recent travel, exposure, and symptoms.
You will be temperature-checked (using a contactless reader) upon entering the building.
We do not have a waiting area currently in order to limit the risks of covid-19. However, we do ask that you arrive and check in 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment’s start time in order to ensure the appointment begins at the correct time. You may check-in for your appointment on your phone, using the link sent 30 minutes prior to the appointment’s start time. When the front desk is ready they will send a reply text instructing you to come inside.
Sanitation and Air-Flow
All high-contact surfaces and rooms are disinfected continuously throughout the day, using isopropyl alcohol or bleach solutions. We’ve installed a powerful new HVAC system and ionizing disinfectant which keeps all treatment rooms extremely well-ventilated and inhibits virus viability. Fresh air is taken from outside, never circulated from room to room. Each Indoor treatment room is also now equipped with HEPA air filtration units.
We have limited appointments available, to prevent overcrowding of the facilities. Appointment times are staggered, to avoid too many people in common spaces, and are booked at least 15 minutes apart from each other.
We ask that guests use our online booking portal, to keep things as contactless as possible.
Our Staff
We love our staff and take care to create a safe work environment for them. Staff members are required to follow the same safety and screening protocols as you do. Additionally, none of our staff has been required to work if they did not feel safe.

A note about our water quality
The purity of our water has always been a priority at East Heaven. Our heavily monitored purification system keeps the water quality pristine and safe using a mix of chemicals and filtration. Because of this, our hot tubs are non-transmutable and not viable for viral contamination.

Additionally, the water  in the hot tubs is not still water! Water is continuously being drained from the tubs and replaced with new, fresh water at a high rate. This means that the hot tubs are filled with completely filtered water that exceeds drinking water standards every 12 minutes as well completely fresh water is being continuously added at a constant rate to the system, ensuring that your tub is never anything less than perfect.