Enjoy a luxurious soak with the music of your choice when you tub indoors, or listen to the sounds of nature when you soak under the sky in one of our famous outdoor tubs. All of our Jacuzzi-jetted tubs are available in your choice of teak or fiberglass. For your comfort and convenience we provide towels, soap, hair dryers and complimentary combs.

Basics of what the equipment is and does

Connected to your tub is a pump or in some cases two pumps that take water from the tub and push it through a filter and a heater and then return it to the tub. The water is removed from the tub by a skimmer at the surface of the water and by a suction/drain at the bottom of the tub. Thus whatever direction an impurity is headed (sink or float) it is likely to be removed by one or the other of the devices. Should someone lean up against one of these sucking orifices, the other orifice will pick up the suction and as such no one is at risk of harm due to a pump sucking on them. This is called an anti-vortex system and is common and required by most state safety codes. When the pump is running and water is flowing through your system ,your heater’s thermostat tells your heater when to turn on and off. If there’s no water flowing, then the heater will not operate and that is to prevent the heater from boiling the non flowing water and causing a steam related mishap. Again this safety device is standard on all tub heaters. Cartridge filters are standard and the water passes through the filter with all but the tiniest impurities (5 microns) being removed. The ozone generator is a device that uses an ultra violet lamp to break up oxygen molecules and thus create ozone gas.

The highly reactive ozone is then injected into the water and anytime an ozone molecule comes in contact with an impurity (bacteria,oil,algae&organic matter) it gives off one oxygen molecule and oxidizes(burns/destroys) the impurity one molecule at a time until it no longer exists. The byproduct is pure oxygen, which then bubbles to the surface of your tub. Non Chemical purification is simple and effective, but ozone only works where the water is directing it and there could be areas that don’t get as much treatment as others. We then use a silver catalytic ionization cartridge, which is able to put small amounts of charged silver and copper particles into the water. These ions kill bacteria and single celled organisms effectively and in combination with ozone make your tub completely germ-free. Most tubs have a timer that controls when and for how long the pumps will operate each filter cycle. During cold months, outdoor tubs require continuous low speed water circulation in order to keep the pipes from freezing. The use of sporadic timed circulation is ill advised when there is a chance of the pipes freezing.

Use of the Tub

Fill it with a hose and drain it with a hose. When starting on a fresh fill, be sure that the filter has been washed, rinsed and reinserted. If your filter is located in its own little filter housing there is usually an air bleeder that will enable you to let the trapped air out of the canister and when it stops hissing tighten it up so that no water is dripping out. Now turn on your pump and the heater will come on also. Now you wait for it to heat up and check Ph and total alkalinity. Ph should be 7.5 and alkalinity should be approx. 100ppm. Your test kit and strips will enable you to do these tests easily. Adjustments can be made to Ph by adding either baking soda to raise it or sodium bisulfate to lower it. Total alkalinity is raised with baking soda and it is lowered if needed by draining some water and adding some fresh water. Once you have tested and made an attempt at adjusting do not retest and re-adjust. Let it wait several hours before re-testing. If your water has a colored tint it indicates that there is a high concentration of a mineral (green=copper, brown=iron) and there are lots of solutions to help with any problems that may arise with your water.